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Which Changeling Book Do I Need for X?
CtL The basics of everything. Read ALL of this.
RoS The Nature of Arcadia.
Other Supernaturals in the Hedge.
What happens when one of them eats a Changeling?
Explanation of traditional themes used in Changeling powers.
Alternate rules for gameplay.
Pledges in greater detail.
Goblin Vows.
Dreams. Types of dreams.
Entering the dreams of other Supers.
Dream symbols.
Glamour, the nature thereof. Optional rules.
The Mask. Theories IC and OOC.
Breaking through the Mask.
Clarity, the nature thereof.
Iron. Tale thereof.
Nature of iron. Types of iron.
Various new merits.
Various Changeling-oriented Flaws.
New Contracts (Forge, Hours, Moon, Omen, Wild)
Goblin Contracts.
Hedge-sculpting. Unique systems thereof.
New goblin fruits/oddments.
Goblin fruit gardening.
Hollows in greater detail.
Hedgespinning in greater detail.
Tokens in greater detail.
Sample Tokens.
Token-crafting rules.

Book List

The game is run under modified nWoD GMC rules, using the books below. Abbreviations are included in parentheses. Where books NOT on this list are referenced for merits etc., their full titles are given. Sometimes players ask us to incorporate a merit from another splat, which we are usually more than glad to do. Feel free to +req/pitch another!

Page numbers refer to the number on the page itself, not the page of the PDF.

  • World of Darkness: Core Rulebook (WoD)
  • World of Darkness: God Machine (GMC)
  • World of Darkness: Second Sight (SS)
  • Changeling: the Lost (CtL)
    Rites of Spring (RoS)
    Lords of Summer (LoS)
    Autumn Nightmares (AN)
    Winter Masques (WM)
    Swords at Dawn (SaD)
    Dancers in the Dusk (DitD)
    Equinox Road (ER)
    Goblin Markets (GM)
    Victorian Lost (VL)
    Night Horrors: Grim Fears (NH:GF)
  • Armory (ARM)
  • Armory Reloaded (REL)
  • Hurt Locker (HL)
  • Glimpses of the Unknown (GotU)

As GMC is not fully compatible with Changeling, house rules are prevalent.

NOT everything in Hurt Locker is in use