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Wiki Policy

We have a wiki! You need one for logging purposes. Staff will not award XP for PRPs without accessible logs. Check this page for instructions on how to make a basic wiki. It's almost entirely painless and you don't need to have a clue what you are doing. :)

Creating an Account:

Send in a +req/wiki with your desired account name/email for sending a temporary password.
If you absolutely do not want to give your email you can give us a password to set for you.
Staff will create your account.

If you do not add an email to your account, you can't recover a forgotten password.

If you are in a Family, please append _<family name> to your wiki name.
(e.g. Nicholas_Alexander instead of Nicholas)
If somebody has frozen and they have already used the name you chose, please send a +req/wiki to staff to have staff create an ambiguity page. You will need to choose a new name for your wiki, however; staff is not nuking the pages of other players unless there have been violations of policy.
Wiping someone else's page, rather than creating an ambiguity page, is both rude and going to result in disciplinary action.

Staff prefers that players use one wiki account across all alts, but understands that some players exercise more secrecy about their alts than others. Staff subsequently requests that, unless you are particularly concerned, you please not create a new account every time you make an alt.


You may upload 10 images for your page.
(If you have an extensive gallery of PB shots you just neeeeed to include, please A) link your visitors to an external site or B) compile them into one image and upload that. The wiki has a limited amount of space allocated to it.)
Court icons/other generic icons don't count, since they are already on the wiki.

Please keep NSFW material either off of the wiki or very clearly marked as NSFW and on a separate wiki page.