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Hi there! I'm K2. K2 is a big-ass mountain, like all the other mountains here. He invokes a lot of yearly fatalities. But that's just his nature. Really he's a nice guy!

On Fate's Harvest, he's a general jobs-monkey. He's a doer of things. He'll probably do a few of your jobs. He might even run a few stories! If you wanna engage him in nerd-chat, get him talking about Mage. Any version will do.

Office Hours: It varies! Some days. Some nights. Some godawful times. Really, I'm on pretty frequently, so not hard to catch. But if you find it difficult, we can always make an appointment! I can be on pretty much whenever you need me to be.

Current Alts:

  • Lucky - Fairest Harbinger/Gameplayer/Ask-Wee-Da-Eed, Dawn Court. Good (or bad) luck charm.

People he's planning to play!

  • Sean LeFevre - Proximus. Oh yeah. It's gonna happen. Just need those tix, baby.