The Guild of Goldspinners

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The Guild of Goldspinners

Entitlement guild of goldspinners.png

Creators of gold and wealth. Enforcers of bargains.

  • Titles: Rumpelstilzkin, Goldspinner
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Crafts 2, Specialties in Textiles and Smithing, Mantle (Spring) 1


They are very cautious about who joins. A certain amount of greed is required, though there is a limit. Often they are tested to see what riches mean to them.


Their hands are weathered, strong looking and covered in sparkling flecks.


Most Goldspinners were wealthy already, or were before they were Taken. Some were poor instead, but all have a talent for finance.


They use a typical Guild structure, beginning with Apprentice, Journeyman, then Master.


Gildwheel (3-dot token) This is a spinning wheel that looks ordinary but for markings on it. When fiber is put into it, it can be spun into gold.

HR - Goldspinners are accustomed to examining the motives and personalities of those they serve. They gain a +2 bonus when detecting Subterfuge.

HR - They are REALLY good at guessing what somebody's name is. ;) For each person they meet, the Goldspinner may roll one die. Any successes mean they guess a target's name, or one of their names, if the target has multiple aliases. The Goldspinner does not know whether or not this guess is correct, and this effect only works once per person.


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Entitlement Logs

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