The Duchy of Truth and Loss

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The Duchy of Truth and Loss

Entitlement duchy of truth and loss.png

Fetchhunters and killers, but doing so discreetly so it seems the person vanished.

  • Titles: Duke or Duchess of Truth and Loss
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Resolve 3, Investigation 3, Mantle (Winter) 1


First a fetch much be correctly identified without use of any Token. Then they must explain how they came to this conclusion, before dealing with it as they see fit.


The primary changes to the mien are an armored breastplate, and a face-shaped Token. Their fingers may also lengthen and become skeletal and claw-like.


Some are bitter who see killing fetches as a way to strike back at the fae and cause mortals to suffer a lesser version of what happens to them. Others believe fetches are truly a danger to humanity.


A single Hunter-Lord governs this entitlement, and they appoint their successor. However, a Duke can challenge and try to win the office, after getting the approval of at least a dozen other Dukes.

Local Leader:

  • None


The False Face of Truth (2-dot token) This is a badge or pin that looks like an inhuman doll face. If a drop of blood or strand of hair is touched to it, they will know instantly if it came from a fetch.

Hedgespun Jacket (2-dot) A free Hedgespun jacket is also provided.

HR - Due to their skills at studying potential Fetches, Dukes/Duchesses gain a +2 bonus on all Investigation rolls.


Nobody found.

Entitlement Logs

None yet.