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This is the landing page for the Character Template. The information entered in this template will be used to populate the various lists in the game (such as court membership, kiths, etc).

So You're Making a PC

  • The default character page will load with the "Character Template", which includes numerous pieces of information for you to enter. Additional details on the template fields can be found here.
  • The Character Template is used to populate information throughout the wiki, so please keep this template in your wiki. If you do not have this template in your character page, your character will now show up throughout the wiki!
  • Please fill out as much information as is relevant to your character.
  • Please leave any options that do not apply to you blank. Do not delete options which do not apply; doing so will make weird stuff show up on your page.
  • Please note that if you choose "Yes" for use-infobox it will populate a box on the right side of your page. Choose "No" if you are using a custom page.
  • Please check your spelling! Some options will populate into other parts of the wiki, and if they are spelled wrong, they will not populate correctly.
  • Please do not add categories to your page. They should auto-populate! See Categories for proper spelling/format if something isn't showing up properly.
  • Players are encouraged to use their characters' full name for their page name, but this isn't required. E.g. John Smith is preferred over John.
  • Keep NSFW images off of your PC's main page. If you're putting them elsewhere, make sure the link is clearly labeled.
  • Do not blank out anyone else's page, even if they are no longer active. Create a disambiguation page. Not sure how? Staff can help!
  • If you have any questions, ask on the Wiki channel! (addcom wiki=Wiki)

Below are clarifications on some of the fields contained within the template:

| use-infobox= Choose "Yes" or "No" if you wish to have the standard infobox
| char-page-name= The name of the page this template is on
| fullname= Your PC's full name
| icon=
| portrait= Your PC's picture (and also the sample for the played by list)
| muxname= Your in-game handle
| played-by= The name of the model you are using for your PC
| concept= 
| occupation= 
| virtue=
| vice=
| date-of-birth=
| apparent-age=
| char-type= PC or NPC
| char-status= Potential/Active/Inactive/Dead
| family=
| family-position= Your role in your family, if any
| family-influence=This should  be a number, 1-5 per your sheet.
| template= Changeling/Fae-Touched/Mortal/Psychic/Thaumaturge
| seeming=
| kith_1=
| kith_2=
| kith_3=
| kith_4= Do you really need four?!
| court=
| court-position= Your job in the court.
| court-influence= This should  be a number, 1-5 per your sheet.
| mantle=This should  be a number, 1-5 per your sheet.
| freehold=
| freehold-position= Your job in the freehold.
| freehold-influence= This should  be a number, 1-5 per your sheet.
| entitlement=Please match the spelling of the Category.
| entitlement-title=See your entitlement page if you're unsure!
| entitlement-rank=See your entitlement page if you're unsure!
| motley=
| keeper=Please match the spelling of the Category.
| psy-org= If your psychic is part of an organization...
| tradition= 
| ensorcelled= Yes/No