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People down by the docks at Lake Brunsett were all a-buzz last Saturday night about some wolf they saw, a monster of a thing, down by the shore. Said it was hauling something up out of the water, but when they went to chase it, all they found were human footprints, heading off into the woods past Phoebe's place.
Anonymous, 13 December 2015.
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"Yesterday, a whole bunch of people saw that weird light in the sky again. No, not a spotlight. This was, like, the sky itself doing stuff. Like, night turning to day stuff, blue, fluffy clouds, like totally out of nowhere, but in this line straight up from fumbuck nowhere in the fields out east of Snake Creek. What?! Fuck, no, I'm not on drugs. Hey! Don't--Seriously, the news got it on tape. The weather guys are clueless. Yeah, they're checking it out. Only seems to happen around midnight. Like, this is totally legit. There're aliens man! Hey, hey! Come back!"
PRP run by BigBird and Elmo, starting 1 January 2016.
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