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PK Policy

Player-Killing is serious business. It's also a sticky business, since a lot of it comes down to the maturity of the players involved. Some players have fun with it, pushing the limits until they finally find the breaking point. It's cool RP, and staff gives major kudos to the folks who do it. Conflict is a great source of story/RP. Some players, however, will lie, cheat and otherwise behave very poorly to escape the consequences of their actions. Compounding that, staff is called upon to be the neutral arbitrator, and staff can't possibly know every detail of both sides.

This is why logging is important.

Your PK will NOT be approved if:

  1. You and your target have not both been on grid for 30+ days.
  2. You are 2 or more Tiers higher than the target.
  3. You cannot prove sufficient motivation for the death.

Staff's Attitude Toward PKs

Staff doesn't like PKs. To be more clear, staff believes that if there is any option other than a PK, you should take it, because that will provide more story in the long run, and is less likely to cause OOC drama. PKs nearly inevitably cause drama. It's not fun for you, it's not fun for staff.

The excuse of, "But my character would do it!" is just that: an excuse. You can almost always work out another consequence with the player of the victim. Staff will expect you both to communicate through the entire process.

Details of aggressors and behaviour will be logged by staff for every PK request. If you are constantly involved in killing other characters, staff will be aware, and it will impinge upon the likelihood of a PK request's approval.

Staff will, by preference, arbitrate non-lethal consequences. No one WANTS to take your character away. If you break a death pledge, or if you otherwise get yourself involved in a black/white scenario, there isn't much you can do about it. You got yourself in. You get yourself out, dead or alive.

PK Approval Process

Please follow the steps below to initiate a PK.

Note: if your PK is mutually agreed-upon, don't worry about all this -- THAT kind of PK is peachykeeneriffic. This is specifically for those PKs where the victim very likely doesn't want their alt to die.

  • +request PK <victim>=<your explanation>
Your explanation must include at least one logged scene.
  • Staff will take a minimum of 24 hours to discuss your request. Depending on questions raised, you may be asked to answer with further details.
  • Staff will create a separate Query +myjob for you and your victim. Please keep it civil. PKs should be IC conflicts, not OOC.
You and your victim will be given 1 week to discuss your options.
(If the victim is a Fetch and the aggressor is a Changeling, death is, admittedly, highly likely...)
If the victim insists upon a non-lethal consequence, staff will mediate the decision. This can run along the lines of severe derangements, mutilation, losing a job, being ICly banned from X, etc., and must be agreed upon by both players.
  • If no decision is reached between players after 1 week has passed, staff will enforce the non-lethal consequence of their choice.
Note that this time limit may be extended if either party has RL reasons not to log in. Having a baby or going on a tropical vacation are totally good reasons to skip out on a game for a while! That does mean that the next time you log in, however, you WILL be presented with the waiting +myjob. The game's biggest theme IS consequences. They aren't always fun.
  • A second PK request may be attempted after 1 month has passed.


If you are attempting to PK someone, you are automatically available for your target to kill, in turn.

Gangs/Groups/Friends of Victim/Aggressor

See the above. If you join in an attempt to PK someone, you are automatically available to be PKed in turn. That goes for every single friend you get involved in your personal issues. Do they love you enough to take a bullet to the brainpan? They'd better. No take-backsies.