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Prickly Pair




A Harvestman's job is to protect as much as it is to fight. As such Damion's name was handed off to a pair of Greenies by Hien. The couple are two men. The first a red-skinned twig of a man that covers much of his being under cloak, cowel, and hood. What lies behind the little man's hood only shows darkness, a pair of glowing red eyes, and the faint outlines of a mouth. The other is tall and wide enough that he nearly rivals Damion in size. He's made of pure gold, and the metallic sheen of his skin twinkles when any measure of light touches it. Unlike his companion he's dressed in a festive sweater wishing everyone a Merry X-Mas, blue jeans, and boots that leave deep prints in the snow.

Since both weren't too keen on going through the everdark they have to take the long way wooded Tropiary. This leaves them only slightly vulnerable as most creatures that might approach make haste the other way whenever they spot Damion. "It shouldn't be longer," the shorter one says with a whispery voice. "The hard part will be getting to the lichen." Beat. "That's where you'll coem in./"

There WERE pluses and minues to being as Wyrd as Damion is. Lots of small fry run away rather than try and confront him. It unfortunately also meant that more powerful enemies were more likely to be drawn to him. But, he still does his job. Keeping to the front of the group and watching the surroundings diligently as he can. His sword is sheathed, but he can draw it in a heartbeat so that doesn't matter much. "What was it you needed this linchen for?" He glances over his shoulder and down at the hooded Greenie.

"The lichen itself ain't what we need," the golden one admits. The smaller one continues, "It's what it leads to." The golden one nods fervantly. "It's a pear we're after, but the beasst that are supposed to gaurd it eats trees that don't have any lichen on it." The cloaked gentleman lifts an arm from inside of his cloak to reveal a skinny arm and point a bony finger towards Damion. "That's where you come in. We need this for the garden, and the Aflbears guard it."

The dragon raises one brow at that. "Aflbears? Never heard of them. What are they like?" He doesn't seem too worried. Bears are dangerous, sure. But he's dealt with more dangerous things before.

"Aflbears," the hooded man echoes. "As big as a truck, and twice as nasty." Goldy sighs and rolls his star-filled eyes. "What my non-driving friend means is that they're big and strong." He pauses a moment, and smiles at Damion. "Kinda like you. Except they're missing a bunch of other stuff and don't have the big sword." He giggles at that and starts to move on.

The nearer they get the louder the resident fauna and flora become. The noise covers up much of their approach, and gives them something of a reprieve. "We shouldn't be far," says the hooded man with a look here and there.

The area around them is bereft of any signs of which they speak. Each tree appears normal, and the only prints are from things likely too small to be what they named. Their searching leaves them bit by bit off the trod, although not too far. Relatively too far. Nearly an hour passes by until they reach their mark. A tree without lichen here and there on is bark amid a sea of others that have had whole chunks missing.

They can even see one of the massive beasts grazing. From shoulder to the ground its nearly as tall as Damion. It looks as a bear wood, although its fur looks akin to bark and its covered in moss. It eats, lazily so, and goes to its hind legs to start biting off branches.

When the Aflbear comes into view, Damion stops some distance away and studies it. "That... is a big bear. It doesn't look actively harmful though. I don't need to kill it, do I?" He glances curiously over at the other two with him. "Just distract it while you two get the pear?"

"They run in a sloth!" the taller one chirps far too excitedly. "What my astute and stout friend means is that they are rarely alone." This causes a grumble to rumble from under the hood that's followed by a sigh. "If you can keep us from taking harm you may do whatever you wish," he whispers. "You can even hold a tea party and invite them over for cakes."