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Hair of the Sea Dog

Nadja, Saulot

1 January, 1925

Nadja hasn't left the Horned God's Oceans, and finds two other captives on not so friendly terms. Part of Drowning Depths and Deaths.



When Nadja comes to its in darkness. Abject, complete darkness. The only light is oh so distant, and seemingly miles away. Movement is slow. Stilted. Then the world makes more sense. She's wet, and can't take a single breath. No moatter how much she opens her mouth for her air nothing passes beyond water rushing into her mouth.

It feels as though she is blinking and yet can see nothing with every flutter of her eyes, and then the cold rush of water when she tries to take a breath. Instantly panic sets in and Nadja is certain she was swallowed up by one of those creatures in the ocean, the figure on the beach was just the fevered dream of a dying mind. Flailing, she spots that pinpoint of light in all this inky black and she struggles toward it. Coughing, sputtering, her body moves in disjointed jerks, starts and stops as she tries to move toward the light.

Despite the fact that there's no air to swallow the woman can still breathe. Easily at that. Moving towards the light proves to be easy. Simple. She swims faster than she ever did Ironside, and with much more ease than before. Graceful, efficient, swift. Up and up she goes until she sees the surface of the water, and the sun shining blindingly through.

The panic doesn't immediately subside, after living for 17 years breathing air, and suddenly all you have is water, it doesn't immediately register that she is breathing it. The disjointed movements guve way to elegance and grace, the panic to confusion, but she swims for that light. When she breaks the surface, the light is stunning, she blinks, lifting a had to shade her eyes so she might take in her surroundings,

Two problems hit her almost immediately when she gets to the top of the water. She only lasts a few seconds above the waves before it becomes impossible to breathe, and she begins choking. She may be able to hold out for a minute, but any longer and she'll get that same feeling she once had when drowning underwater. The second is that lifting her hand doesn't provide much in the way of shade, nor is it her hand. Instead she has a scaly appendage that ends in a hoof.

The first thing she actually notices is that scaly hoofed appendage where she expected to see her hand. Nadja flinches from this unknown creature and cries out, immediately she begins looking around for the monster that must be upon her. That cry expelled far too much air and when she gasps for another and it offers no relief she tries to scream, a strangled breathless sound. She dives back beneath the surface gulping in the salty water.

The cry that comes out of her mouth isn't her voice. Much less anything remotely human. It has a beautiful tenor to it, but it's different all the same. Back under the surface of the brine she can breathe again, even if it is salty water that passes through her mouth and out of gills on both sides of her neck. With a bit more time and the light of the sun she can at least see a bit more of her body now. Hooves where where hands would be. Should be. Aquamarine scales cover every inch of her body from her torso all the way down to that long, fishy tail.

Confusion is not a strong enough word for what Nadja feels now as she gently moves with the roll of the water around her. Looking first at those hooves and up her arm, down her torso, this is not her body. She takes breath after shuddering breath, feeling the water as it rushes through, bringing those hooves up to try to feel the gills on her neck, but that tactile sensation is not even the same. That tail, she moves it, knows she is moving it, and at the same time that can't be a part of her. Breaching the surface once more she looks around...for land.

Feeling her face and neck can only work so well before her hooves make contact with a pair of fangs jutting from her maw. Worst of all is something she can smell. Alluring. Calling her name and sending her heart racing. The smell of something inviting a ways away, but it's distraction. Enough so that it begins to invade her every thought.

Fangs, scales, hooves, a tail, and fucking fangs, but land, surely it was here....*sniffsniff* Diving deeeper, swimming in a circle, trying to figure out what direction that scent is coming from. Closing her eyes she takes deep gulps of the water and then with a whip of her tail she's off following it.

That sweet heavenly scent proves to be something else. A gargantuan thing twice as big as her, three times as wide, and currently bleeding out. That coppery smell permeates the water all around her, and pulls at the lizard brain. She hasn't eaten in God knows how long, and this thing just barely holding onto the mortal coil is just floating here.

Blood, it's blood in the water and when Nadja swims up to this behemoth straddling the line between life and death she pulls up short. Floating there she watches it, feeling a pang of sympathy, but the stonger desire is hunger, a deep hunger gnawing at her. If she thought about it for too long she would likely swim away, but thinking is pushed to the backburner and she goes with instinct. Instinct is to dart in and take a bite.

Its flesh is still warm and the blood paints her snout, yes snout, crimson. The meat of the beast isn't just filling, but oh so good. The sweetest ambrosia and a gift from on high. There's not a single other thing to stop her save herself, but the first piece of the beast's flesh went down easily enough and there's much more. So much more.

With no idea how long it has actually been since she's eaten, all she knows is that she's ravenous and this is the best thing she has tasted since...well, ever. Nadja darts in for another bite, zipping out and then back in for another over and over as she gorges herself on the dying creature.

Eventually time becomes nothing as she feasts on the now dead beast. Then she realizes she's no longer alone. The head of the lone, tall figure at the beach stares at her, floating in the water without being disturbed for a moment as water flows all around it. When he speaks his is sounds as it did then, and not muffled at all by the water. "Thank you for taking care of him. He was too slow, and died after killing off his brother. The poor fool couldn't do what he needed to do to survive and started taking out his own flesh." His eyes look off to the side, and then back to Nadja and the beast. "Feast and grow strong. Survie or die." And with that it disappears without a sound.

Ripping out a chuck far too large for her, Nadja is busy tearing it apart with quick vicious bites, blood clouding the water. As it clear and she swallows the last down, ready for another attack on the meal when she notices that face in the water. She snarls and growls at it, eyes narrowed, certain that everything that has happened to her is all this things fault, he did this to her, she doesn't know how, but she knows it to be true. His gratitude means nothing to her and when it disappears, with a whip of her tail, she jets over to where it had been looking for it.

The Gentry's laughter can be heard all around her when she moves through the water, but he's nowhere in sight. Can't even get a whiff of him, but there is another scent. Several clicks off, and deeper into the water. Something that smells like food. Not just that, but competition. Something that would and could kill her, but potentially might foster even more power for the newly made Beast.

The laughter only fuels the fire of her rage and hatred for this strange figure that has stolen and remade her life. When Nadja catches the scent of something else, something both food and foe, she doesn't hesitate to dive back below the surface and swim off after it.

It takes a long while for Nadja to find her prey. Her would-be predator. A massive canine swimming along with little grace, but enough power to push itself along far too quickly. The sea dog hasn't caught sight nor smell of Nadja just yet, but the closer she gets the more likely she is to be caught.

Nadja is filled with rage, getting caught makes no difference to her, it's obviously kill or be killed around here and she really could care less which one it is. Once she spots the canine she pauses only long enough to look around and be sure it is the only thing nearby. She swims a bit further away and then uses that to pick up as much speed as possible as she plans to torpedo the canine.

The other Beast doesn't quite see her. At least not quickly enough. By the time it does it may be too late. It turns just as the horned, fanged monster that is Nadja is rushing at far too fast. She sends up tearing out a good chunk of its left shoulder, but not before it takes a bit of blood for itself. It rakes across her back with jagged, stubby claws that are likely to leave a mark. A nasty mark at that'll take some time to heal.

The water erupts around them when Nadja makes contact and can feel the meaty trophy she tears from the dog-like creature. Those claws rake her back and she cries out, no time to be shocked by the inhuman sound that escapes her, she spins around and immediately goes in for another hit, horns and fangs at the ready.

It, too, howls out in pain. Roaring. Wailing. It may have hurt her, but she's crippled it. Hurt it well enough that it can't move away. That lack of form becomes much more apparent when it tries to swim away, and instead it simply spirals out in a slow descent.

Nadja follows that spiralling descent, she won't be satisfied until it is good and dead, until she has ripped off another snack. The blood colors the water, but Nadja was seeing red long before that. Seething with rage that covers her sadness, she continues to hit the creature, tear at it, biting, striking, anything to fill the blue sea with crimson.

It tries to fight back. Trying doesn't mean shit in a world of survival above all else. It wounds her again, biting at her shoulder. However, it lacks a certain oomph even if it is much bigger than her. The life is slowly fading from its eyes. It tries to fight her off. To get to safety. To stay alive. However, after a few more bites from Nadja it goes still.

Once it is all said and done Nadja isn't even hungry anymore, but the blood, the light going out in the creatures eyes, it soothes her. The rage begins to subside and the sadness begins to creep in. She leaves her victim floating there, much like the first creature she found, perhaps another poor unfortunate soul will come across it as she had. Now she turns her attention to surroundings, a place to hide, to rest, to feel her sorrow over the life she has lost and this thing she has become.

There's nothing around save the ocean and its endlessness. She has to swim to find somewhere safe, and she'll be at it for some time. Seconds turn to minutes, and then to hours. Thankfully the Beast has eaten enough that she's the energy to spare and thensome. Eventually she founds somewhere safe. Close to safe, at least. A long, grasping wall of seaweed she can't see through even when she gets close enough to the borders of it.

It feels as though she has been swimming forever, miles, 50, 100, she has no idea, but ahead she seems a dark shape in the water. Not scenting any other predator she moves in closer and finds it to be a wall of floating seawaeed. Swimming into it, it tangles around and soon enough she is wrapped within it, and there she rests. Struggling to understand what has happened to her, how she's become this thing, where she is, how can she get out. > Wed Sep 23 02:51:36 2020 <