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Certain merits lend themselves toward being placed on a particular location. Players who share a build may separately contribute dots of these to it. See +help holding in game for more on commands associated with managing shared builds. More or less, this is a method of tracking who has contributed what. These merits are not unique to holdings and have no unique mechanics related to them.

Players may purchase regular merits which will be both on their own +sheet and on the +holding of their choice. To apply a merit to a +holding, please send up a +req/build to staff with the merit to contribute, and the number of the +holding.

>> It is game-wide policy that if you disappear, so do your dots in a holding. <<

Group Holdings

The one exception to the above is sphere group holdings, such as Courts, the Freehold and its subgroups, the Psychic library, or any Tradition-based Thaumaturgical groups.

If a player wants to permanently sacrifice xp (i.e. give up their right to the Sanctity of Merits), they may contribute to a sphere holding, and their contributions will last beyond their character being frozen.

Staff WILL revise this policy and limit the number of dots people can toss around if we see players creating/freezing multiple alts purely for the purpose of tossing xp at groups... :) Please don't do that!

Merits Applicable Per Holding Type

Specific build types have specific rules. Staff is operating on a common sense basis, here. You're not going to have mundane human staff floating around in your dream Bastion.

Shared merits may not exceed the dot cap (5 dots).

Unless marked with (no sharing), merit dots may be purchased by multiple players to contribute.

Example: Jimmy and Jeanette are best friends! They want to create a shared Hollow named Farmville.

Jimmy spends 6xp ((1x2) + (2x2)) to buy up 2 dots in Hollow Size.
This goes on his +sheet as Hollow Size (Farmville) 2.
Jeanette spends 2xp to add a third dot in Hollow Size.
This goes on her +sheet as Hollow Size (Farmville) 1.

As you can see, build-related Merits are cheaper when contributed to by multiple people. If Jeanette's player froze her character, however, Jimmy would then need to pay (3x2) xp to purchase the 3rd dot to maintain the Hollow at Size 3.

If Jeanette were still around and Jimmy wanted to purchase another dot to bring their combined total up to Hollow Size 4, he would look at his +sheet first to see how many he had already contributed. Since he has contributed 2 dots already, he needs to pay the cost for 3 dots (6xp) to add a new dot to the build.

Jeanette, on the other hand, would only need to pay the cost for 2 dots (4xp) since she only has 1 dot in the merit so far.


Bastions are essentially fortresses built in a Changeling motley's dreams. Players may create actual builds for them if they prefer, but if not, a +holding is fine.

  • Bastion Amenities • to •••••
  • Bastion Battlements • to •••••
  • Bastion Size • to •••••


A business is a public location which exists for the purpose of selling something. If you have a combined home/business, the +holding created for it will be put into the Business type.

  • Library • to •••••
  • Retainer • to ••••• (no sharing)
  • Staff • to •••••


Hollows are carved out of the Hedge through hard work and determination on the part of Changelings and hobs. They can be public or private, and have a number of possible magical traits.

  • Hollow Amenities • to •••••
  • Hollow Doors • to •••••
  • Hollow Garden • to •••••
  • Hollow Size • to •••••
  • Hollow Stable • to •••••
  • Hollow Wards • to •••••
  • Hollow Workshop • to •••••
  • Mobile Hollow • to •••••
  • Retainer • to ••••• (no sharing)
  • Ritual Doorway ••• (no sharing)
  • Staff • to •••••


A home is a private residence. You and your friends may share the mortgage on a brownstone or a condo, or perhaps a house somewhere.

  • Library • to •••••
  • Retainer • to ••••• (no sharing)
  • Staff • to •••••
  • Safe Place • to •••••


A library is a public building meant to be accessed by multiple people.

  • Library • to •••••
  • Retainer • to ••••• (no sharing)
  • Staff • to •••••


A safehouse is a private building meant to protect you.

  • Library • to •••••
  • Retainer • to ••••• (no sharing)
  • Staff • to •••••
  • Safe Place • to •••••