Guild of the Sacred Journey

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Guild of the Sacred Journey

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Couriers and messengers, typically for inter-freehold contact, but can be used personally too. Inter-freehold deliveries are free, and the Courier cannot investigate the package.

  • Titles: Sacred Courier (more formal), guild member, guildsman or guildswoman
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Drive 2, Expression 2, Streetwise 2, Clarity 5+, Fairest


The Guild is selective of its members. A potential petitions to join the guild, then faces extensive interviews to determine their honesty and loyalty. Once satisfied, the Guild will have a ceremony welcoming them.


There are minimal changes to the mien. At high Wyrd, many develop small suggestions of feathered wings at the ankles, wrists or temples when Glamour is invoked.


Guild members tend to be physical and adventurous. They also tend to favor Social Skills/Attributes, but all love travel.


There is a formal structure within the guild, with each member being allowed to vote on all issues, including the election of the Guildmaster.

Local Leader:

  • Miranda Amal (NPC) - Regional Guildmaster - Sun Fairest Runnerswift


Courier's Winged Sash (3-dot Token) Anytime the changeling is asked to deliver something, they can activate this token. It provides them with a sense of how to get to the person it must be delivered to. It cannot be located on a map, but they have a sense of the correct location.

HR - Gain +2 dice to (Non Combat) rolls to avoid situations that would impede the delivery of a message. Example: Drive, Athletics, Dodge. Stealth. Persuasion. You are exceptionally talented at getting from point A to B.


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Entitlement Logs

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