Goblin Fruit/Preservation

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Goblin Fruit Preservation

Carrying around a handful of dried peaches is easier than finding clothes with pockets big enough to fit them, freshly-picked. Not to mention tidier.

Dried and canned fruits still count toward your fruit total.

Staff's overall stance on drying and canning fruits is fairly open. Encouraging creative cuisine is not a bad thing, and chefs may not always have fresh materials on hand to work with.

General Guidelines

As far as staff is concerned, fruit is fruit, and herbs are herbs.

Fruit can be dried, made into jam/jelly, boiled into syrups, etc. Herbs can be dried or powdered.

The following staff rule is in place regarding preserved hedgefruit:

  1. If you are supporting it with your Wyrd, it retains its power and abilities.
  2. If you are not supporting it, it retains its flavour/scent/texture, but at a degree mild enough not to cause any mechanical benefits, and it cannot leave the Hedge without withering/rotting.

For example, if you can support 10 fruits, but harvest 15, you could preserve all 15 fruits, sure, but the 5 you can't support will lose their magic by the end of the preservation process.

How you choose to preserve them is up to you, and if you choose to roll for it, staff will be happy with you, but isn't going to go around enforcing it.