Goblin Contracts

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Goblin Contracts

Goblin Contracts, unlike regular Contracts, are not chained, and any clause rank may be bought without its prerequisites.

Fate's Harvest allows the following clauses, with the caveat that if you are, say, permanently changing another character, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or by the expedient of removing them from the mortal coil, you MUST have their permission to do so.

This is non-negotiable.

Abuse of goblin powers will net you disciplinary action.


The powers below are arranged into loose "families" of related clauses.
Please see the book for all drawbacks, catches and costs. Costs do vary for each level.

Unlike regular Contracts, Goblin Contracts operate more along the lines of tokens; using their power always has a drawback.

Dot Name Benefit Source
Contracts of Goblin Fortune
Fortune's Favor Change a single roll into a rote or a chance roll. RoS p.117
•• Fortune's Swift Blessing Change a chance roll into a normal roll, or a normal roll into an exceptional success. RoS p.117
••• Fortune's Bane Exceptional successes become normal successes, normal successes become failures, and chance rolls dramatically fail at 7 or lower, until the next sunrise or sunset. RoS p.118
•••• Distracting the Hounds Escape from any pursuit or confrontation. RoS p.118
••••• Recalling the Lost Rescue anyone abducted by the Fae. RoS p.119
Contracts of Goblin Transformation
Healing Sacrifice Heals any wounds and ALL diseases. RoS p.120
•• Seven-Year Gift Target does not age for the next seven years. RoS p.121
••• Trading Beauty for Love Makes a human feel more positively toward the Changeling. RoS p.121
•••• Changing Minds Change a target's opinion on something. RoS p.122
••••• The Fatal Transformation Kill the target. RoS p.123
Contracts of the Wyrd
Mantle Mask Temporarily disguise your Mantle as that of another Court's. DitD p.65
•• Daunting Force The Changeling becomes intimidating to the subject. DitD p.66
••• Nothing Hidden While the Contract is active, the Changeling may roll to notice supernaturally concealed things. DitD p.66
•••• Wyrd's Eye Automatically become aware of any Contracts nearby. Ignore low Clarity modifiers to noticing Wyrd-related phenomena and gain a bonus to Kenning. DitD p.67
••••• The Fatal Clause Block a Contract as it is being activated. DitD p.68
Unclassified Goblin Contracts
Shooter's Bargain Blesses the next three shots fired from a weapon to mitigate penalties when attacking. CtL p.164
Sight of Truth and Lies Gain the ability to instantly tell if a person is lying. RoS p.114
Trading Luck for Fate Gain a sudden simple insight into the immediate future. CtL p.164

•• Calling the Guardian Summon an invisible guardian that strikes back the instant you're attacked. RoS p.114
•• Dream Rendering Upgrade a Token, permitting it to be used in dreams. SaD p.109
•• Diviner's Madness Gain a brief glimmer into the past or future of a person, place or thing. CtL p.165
•• Fair Entrance Opens a door, no matter how it is barred. CtL p.165
•• Fool's Gold Guises an object to look like something else, potentially appearing quite valuable. CtL p.166
•• Sandman's Bargain Makes a dream immune to disruption by Oneiropomps. SaD p.110

••• The Blessing of Forgetfulness Allows the user to erase any one memory from the target's mind. RoS p.115
••• Burden of Life Removes damage starting at Agg. by 2 per success. Must be done within a number of turns equal to the user's Wyrd after the damage was done. CtL p.166
••• Delayed Harm The user avoids the damage from one attack. CtL p.167
••• Hospitality's Hold Gain a bonus (equal to the amount of Glamour spent) to maintaining hospitality in a location. Marks violators. GotU p.29
••• Mirror Mirror The Changeling spies on another through a mirror. SaD p.53

•••• Goblin Oath The changeling can bind another character an oath. The party taking the oath has difficulty breaking it, and if he does, disaster will strike him down. RoS p.115
•••• Good and Bad Luck Accurately guess the outcome of an event that would be difficult to predict. CtL p.167
•••• Call the Hunt Calls a Wild Hunt from out of the Hedge. CtL p.167
•••• Riot The crowd becomes a violent, enraged mob. They target an obvious source of anger first, or are randomly violent with no target. VL p.23
•••• Royal Oil The target is covered in a magical, highly flammable oil. SaD p.54

••••• Blood-Binding Drains a target splashed with blood of all Glamour. RoS p.116
••••• Goblin Ward Draw a magical mark; any Changeling not attuned to it who steps near it will suffer from hallucinations and confusion. When the ward is activated it will affect everyone nearby, even those attuned. High Clarity Changelings must roll for loss. SaD p.54
••••• Lost and Found Escapes from captivity or pursuit, seemingly by chance, but always automatically. CtL p.168
••••• Mad Trespass Use a dream to spy on a Keeper. SaD p.110
••••• Sabotage Damage or disable a factory or equivalent full of machinery. VL p.24
••••• Sleepwalker Devour a dream for many potent benefits. SaD p.111

Custom Goblin Contracts

Pillow Talk

Goblin Contract lvl 2

Dice pool: Wyrd + Socialize

When this power is cast upon a sleeping subject, the caster causes them to talk in thier sleep about any subject that they wish. This must be cast in the direct physical presence of the sleeper.

Dramatic Failure: The caster immediately falls unconsious and starts talking in thier sleep about thier deepest darkest secrets
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The caster may ask one question of the sleeper per sucess, and the sleeper will answer in thier sleep, usually in disjointed dream thick mumbles. She might remember dreaming of these secrets, but not of speaking them.
Exceptional Success: In addition to the extra questions, the subject will have no memory of even dreaming about it.

Drawback: After casting this power, whenever the caster sleeps for the next week, he/she/they will talk in thier sleep, usually revealing secrets to whomever may be around to listen.