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Wyrd 6 Gain a Minor Frailty
Wyrd 7 Gain a Minor Frailty
Wyrd 8 Gain a Major Frailty
Wyrd 9 Gain a Minor Frailty
Wyrd 10 Gain a Major Frailty

Frailties are the storybook banes and taboos which can reveal a fae for what it is...and kill it, if it is unwise enough to reveal them to heroes.

Check CtL p.87 for full details.

Frailty Types

They come in two flavours: Minor and Major.

  • Minor frailties are things which only happen occasionally. You can't wear shoes on Fridays. If someone plays a particular Mozart sonata, you are physically pained, and can't stand to be within earshot.
  • Major frailties have a severe impact on day to day life. You can't wear anything which would cover your feet. Music of any kind wards you away, and you are seriously damaged by its presence until you can escape earshot.

Within that, they come in two types: Bane and Taboo.

  • Banes are things like the music examples above. Think of it like warding off a storybook Vampire with a cross. Someone holds up wolfsbane and the Wolf-like Hunterheart winces and takes damage every round until they leave its vicinity.
  • Taboos are behavioural restrictions. When a certain situation arises, you MUST do something, and stopping yourself from doing it takes a severe effort of will.

So a minor frailty which is a bane would be called a 'minor bane' where a taboo would be a 'minor taboo' -- the same terminology is used for majors. Major bane, major taboo.

Each type has specific mechanics for resistance/damage.

  • Minor Bane: one automatic Bashing damage per turn until the bane is removed or you run away from it.
  • Major Bane: one automatic Lethal damage per turn until the bane is removed or you run away from it.
Remember, a turn is 3 seconds. Every 3 seconds, you are getting hurt. Try having a long conversation with someone while taking steady damage. It WILL become visible at some point.
  • Minor Taboo: spend 1 Willpower to resist the compulsion for one scene.
  • Major Taboo: spend 1 Willpower PER TURN to resist the compulsion, until the circumstance ends or you succumb, Willpower depleted.

When do I get Frailties?

Here on Fate's Harvest, we give you two choices.

  1. We let you ask for frailties as regular flaws at any Wyrd level. You could use one of your CG flaws to set a minor/major frailty on yourself, or ask for an additional flaw later on, even if you were still low Wyrd. This is to open up story angles and fun RP!
  2. You start getting automatic, inescapable frailties at Wyrd 6+. Per the book, once you cross the 5/5 line of human/fae and hit 6 out of 10 (on the 0-10 Wyrd scale), you start being bound by odd rules and restrictions.
These are always appropriate to your character. Some sample examples are included on kith pages.

How do I set Frailties?

Staff will set them on your +sheet as a flaw, but for reference purposes and/or +note/prove-ing them during a scene if need be, you need to have them written in +notes.

Format the +notes as follows:

Note name: Wyrd 6 Frailty, or, Minor Frailty Flaw, etc.
Type of Frailty: Minor Bane, Major Taboo, etc.
What is the Frailty? What is your frailty related to? What do you have to do/avoid?
+note me/Wyrd 6 Frailty=Minor Bane%r%rWearing synthetic fibers does physical damage. 1B/turn.

+note me/Minor Frailty Flaw=Minor Taboo%r%rMust never touch doorknobs with bare skin. +spend willpower to resist for a scene.

Gained as a Flaw

  • +req/fae to have staff add it to your +sheet, describing it in your +job
  • Set a +note on yourself BEFORE you send up the +job.
This will save you time, because when staff does the job, they will otherwise end up asking you to set your own +note and you'll end up waiting for another answer/reply. :)

Gained through High Wyrd

During CG

  • Write your frailty as a +myjob/add to your CG job.
  • Set a +note on yourself BEFORE you add it to the job.

After CG

  • When you purchase Wyrd, a +myjob is created for the spend.
  • Set a +note on yourself BEFORE you add your frailty information to the job.