College of Worms

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College of Worms

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Diviners who seek to study Fate and its signs where ever they may be found.

  • Titles: Diviners of Worms, sometimes just Diviners or Augurs
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Investigation 2, Occult 2


Must apprentice first with a current member. There is no specific time, but it's generally about a year until the tutor feels the apprentice is ready. The apprentice is tested over and over again, but the tutor cannot give up on his apprentice.


Most have scholarly appearances, and may wear robes or ceremonial clothes. The mien has a suggestion of worms crawling beneath the skin. At high wyrd, worms may pop out of the skin. Eyeglasses of any sort will appear on the diviner's face, and the lenses are always cracked.


Quite a few are from intellectual/academic backgrounds, but conspiracy theorists are common as well. Mental traits/merits are exceptionally common.


Generally diviners stay together and try to remain outside of court politics. They tend to band together and view outsiders with some measure of distrust. Every College has symposiums, with more being held for those with more members. Sometimes these are open to outside changelings or may have guest speakers.


The Diviner's Instrument (3-dot token) This is a divining tool suited to the diviner, such as runes, bones, tarot deck, scrying mirror. When this tool is used, no insights are given immediately. Instead, when making a roll later, the insight is revealed and grants a bonus to that roll.

HR - The Diviner's training has left her extremely sensitive to her environment. Always watching for signs of Fate at work means they are more likely than most to spot something unusual. They gain a +2 bonus on all Perception (Wits+Composure) rolls.


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Entitlement Logs

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