Changeling/Wyrd Progression

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Wyrd Progression

The Wyrd stat represents how many of those tatters in your poor human soul are filled with faerie fate-stuff. It's your tie to fate, to the fae.

You do not go up from Wyrd 1 to Wyrd 5 overnight.

How quickly SHOULD my Wyrd go up?

The speed at which you lose your humanity depends on multiple factors.

Prime among these is "doing faerie stuff."

If you spend all of your time in the human world, holding down a job as a Post Office clerk, and never use your Changeling abilities, never use tokens, never go into the Hedge, your Wyrd is not going to go up. Point in fact, it will go DOWN.

To boost your Wyrd, you need to do things which involve using your tie to it.

Think of it as building muscle. Use it or lose it.

Wyrd requests should not come in more than once a month.

Preferably, they will come in less often than that, especially at higher levels, as it takes a commensurate degree of deepening the tie to strengthen your connection to the Wyrd/weaken your connection to humanity.

To be continued!