True Fae

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True Fae

The books leave a lot of details up to ST discretion. This page is here to let you know what Fate's Harvest's particular brand of 'ST discretion' entails where the True Fae come into play.


  • The True Fae are inextricably bound into the Wyrd. Just as going from mortal to changeling is irrevocable, going from changeling to True Fae is, too.
  • The True Fae cannot be killed. They are immortal while they have their Titles. If you are 'killing' your Keeper in your Durance, you are more than likely destroying one of its Actors. However...
  • The True Fae CAN be destroyed. If you find some obscure loophole and manage to take away your Keeper's last (or only) Title, in essence, they no longer have an identity. They are still Fae, still creatures of the Wyrd, very probably charlatans, but they are mortal, and can then be killed.
  • The True Fae are not Astral beings. For the purposes of this game, the planes from Mage: the Awakening do not apply to our True Fae, or Contracts, pledges, or any fae powers. They are completely separate.

Becoming Fae

The sliding scale of Wyrd ratings assumes a base of 0 and a peak of 10. At 0, you are mortal. At 10, you are fae.

Still, even once you hit Wyrd 10, you aren't Fae with a capital F. That takes a bit more effort.

See, at 10, you can still be redeemed. Pages 25-6 in Equinox Road discuss their version of the process.

ONE Way To Become True Fae in Three Easy Steps!
  1. Be Wyrd 10.
  2. Be Clarity 0.
  3. Gain a Title.

Mind you, this isn't the only way. This is just the most common.

While you are at Wyrd 10, your Clarity is constantly bombarded. There is no guarantee that you will ever truly be True Fae, a member of the Gentry, the Kindly Ones, the Keepers, but you look like one, you're starting to act like one, and chances are veeeerry good that someone is going to take it upon himself to slit your throat in your sleep.

When you hit Clarity 0, while your ability to differentiate reality from your hallucinations is completely shot, you are not automagically Fae.

Whether or not you are in Arcadia, accepting a Title, as in, really, truly claiming it for your own, not just carrying the thing for someone else, is when the magic happens. Ta da! You are officially an NPC and can never be played on grid again as a PC outside of staff-supported plots.

Once you've gained a Title... yeah.

However much you as a player might regret it later down the line, you cannot go back to playing your old PC.

When you accept that Title, it fills the little tattered niche your human soul used to hold in your heart, replacing Self. You are your Title. You are the Lady of Seven Daughters or the Garbage Man or the Stormrider, and that is your tie to the world, to being itself. That is your new identity.


It is worth noting, very explicitly, that in Fate's Harvest's view it is the Title which makes you a True Fae.

The path mentioned above is only the most common; any changeling may claim a Title and become True Fae, regardless of how low their Wyrd score is (and, thereby, how weak a Fae they'll end up as a result).

What happens when a plot hands you a Title you don't WANT to claim?


-3 to all Clarity rolls While the Title is in your possession (you are carrying it or you are its acknowledged guardian/keeper).


You are carrying an embodiment of identity and fate. It knows what it is, and it knows that you could be it, too. It isn't forceful. It's very subtle, in fact, but it will influence you.
  • Week 1:
Roll a reflexive Resolve + Composure every day when your character wakes up.
If you fail, you subconsciously do something small which reflects the Title you carry. 'The Lady of Red Butterflies' might decide to wear a red dress of a slightly different style than usual, while 'The Walker in Shadows' might put off going out until after dark, making excuses to himself for why his aversion is there.
  • Week 2:
Roll a reflexive Resolve + Composure - 1 every day when your character wakes up.
Same penalty for failure.
  • Week 3:
Roll a reflexive Resolve + Composure - 2 every day when your character wakes up.
Etc. etc.
This penalty goes up every week you hold the Title. If at any point the penalty exceeds the sum of your Resolve + Composure attributes, the subconscious behavior is compulsory and you may no longer resist with anything beyond a chance die.
In addition, while you are the guardian of the Title, regardless of your personal Wyrd level, your dreams of Arcadia are vivid, immediate and dangerously realistic, shaded toward the Title's theme. Anyone visiting your dreamscape will be similarly plunged into your personal nightmare.

Players as True Fae

  • Staff will allow players to become True Fae.
  • Staff will allow players to RP out Durances their new Fae would put others through, but staff will not allow that player to keep their character.
Once you hit the True Fae benchmark, you are officially permafrozen and considered NPC.

If you are interested in volunteering yourself to NPC a plot involving your former character, please pitch the plot to staff via +request.