The Twilight Gleaners

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The Twilight Gleaners

Entitlement The Twilight Gleaners.png

Devotees to fate. Often come into conflict with the College of Worms. Worms seek to understand fate, Gleaners seek to simply enact fates will.

  • Titles: Sir or Madam, Soothsayer, Fateblind (insulting)
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Empathy 2, Occult 2


First a person has to understand that her Fate isn't her own. Gleaners tend to watch for signs of attunement then offer the possibility to join. The recruit finds a teacher and spends months learning to accept visions.


They tend to appear humble and unassuming. Their eyes have a milky silver ting. They often have silver threads running through their clothes and silver on their veins.


Gleaners feel the power of Fate, and tend to give themselves over to it. Many have suffered and tend to believe there's a greater purpose for it.


There is little to no formal organization. When they gather, generally it results in intense and unproductive rivalries.


Sensing Fate's Strands A Gleaner may discover if a planned course of action is faded to succeed. If it will, it gains the weight of destiny and gets +1 to support it and -1 to oppose it.

HR - This bonus/penalty is a +2/-2 for the Gleaner himself.


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Entitlement Logs

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