The Legion of the Iron Wall

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The Legion of the Iron Wall

Tacticians and guardians of the freeholds worldwide. They monitor threats to freeholds and mobilize to defend them

  • Titles: Legionnaire, Warmaster (informal)
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 4, Persuasion 3, Brawl, Firearms or Weaponry 4


The process can vary depending on which member inducts a potential Legionnaire. But they all spend a year and a day taking the oath of the Freehold's Defender, following the Warmaster and being willing to fight for the safety of others and being able to win difficult battles. If after the year and a day the recruit chooses to join, they take the oath and are given one chance to back away.


Even at low Wyrd they seem dangerous. Smooth edges blunt, lines sharpen. They show scars and signs of battles, and their weapons always look used rather than shiny and new. Higher wyrd gives them old blood on their mien, either on their skin or clothes.


All Legionnaires come from martial backgrounds. Most come from Summer, but there are some that come from other Courts.


They are solitary in nature, at least with each other, though they organize people into a freehold army. They tend to spread out, to cover multiple freeholds.


They are able to swear people to the freehold's defense using the Freehold's Defender pledge (see book for details).

Additionally, after a week of training with the Knight while under the Freehold's Defender Pledge, followers may purchase any of the following traits, even if they do not have the experience for it: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Brawl, Firearms, Weaponry, or any Fighting Style. The Warmaster MUST have that trait at a higher rating than the person learning it. Like paying off debt, any xp gained after learning a trait in this way must go toward the purchased trait's cost until it is paid off. The student may not purchase anything else during this time. A given character may benefit from this Master of Combat ability only once per year, even if they train under multiple Legionnaires.

HR - Warmasters train to fight in groups, and when fighting in a group of three or more, their skill at coordinating efforts affords a +1 Defense bonus to the entire group.


Calliope Kraus

Calliope 'Clio' Kraus
aka Calliope
Summer Beast

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