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:Green: Angry
:Green: Angry
:Lime: Joy
:Lime: Joy
:Teal: Pleased
:Yellow: Arrogance
:Yellow: Arrogance
:Miaze: Disdain
:Miaze: Disdain

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Quick Change Command

With no multidescer on Fates Harvest, this is a close, simple command to provide one. It does not do multi part descs, only wholesale. It can change your +glance too. It is dirty, but it works.

&CMD-CHANGE me= $+change *:&faedesc me=[u(%0_fae_desc)]; @desc me=[u(%0_desc)]; &short-mien me=[u(%0_short_mien)]; &short-desc me=[u(%0_short_desc)]; 

You must set up each desc you wish to use with the following command

&NAME_fae_desc me=fae desc
&NAME_desc me=normal desc
&NAME_short_mien me=Short Desc Mien
&NAME_short_desc me=Short Desc

Where NAME is the name of the desc you are designing. All matching parts must have the same name. You can set as many as you wish, as long as the parts all share a name that is different from the other sets.

You can add additional lines to the code to change parts of your +glance

&mien-skin me=[u(%0_mien_skin)]; 
&mien-eyes me=[u(%0_mien_eyes)]; 
&mien-hair me=[u(%0_mien_hair)]; 

And set the following on your char bit

&NAME_mien_skin me=Mien Skin
&NAME_mien_eyes me=Mien Eyes
&NAME_mien_hair me=Mien Hair

Non Mien can be done the same way, just remove all instances of mien.

Then in order to change descs, you simply do

+change NAME

where NAME is the name of the desc you are using. If you ever forget what names you have stored, you can do

ex me/*_desc*

to find the descs. If your descs are long and each have a matching short-desc (or short-mien) replace _desc with _short_desc instead to have a simpler list.


Tokens XP must reserve

Darkness Flees: 3 (12)
Shadow Cloak: 2 (6)
Final Act: 2 (6)
Last Kiss: 3 (12)
Hedgespun Armor: 3 (12)
Hedgespun Knife: 2 (6)

total: 54xp


Purple: Content
Cobalt: Curious
Cyan: Wary, Unsure
Pink: Embarrassed
Orange: Confused
Amber: Anticipation
White: Focused
Black: Controlled.
Silver: Afraid
Green: Angry
Lime: Joy
Teal: Pleased
Yellow: Arrogance
Miaze: Disdain