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Welcome to the Fate's Harvest MUX wiki!

The FH MU*rban Dictionary
'tis a silly place. Here are the results of player votes and submissions for the Urban Dictionary of Fate's Harvest!

What's New?
Dec '18 - Oct 2019

• A True Fae has taken an interest in the Changelings of the area. Is accepting The Lover's "benign" attentions wise or foolhardy? Players will decide! She has been quiet of late, but is that ominous or helpful?

Jan - Oct 2019
• The strange columns of light, and the murders left behind, have spread west from Siberia, moving at an alarming rate. In nine months' time, they have reached the Atlantic, and show no signs of stopping. We know that a splinter group of Sun courtiers is the cause, but how far will their movement extend?

Queenly Decrees
With the cold, dark greys of Winter taking over the autumnal flair of the area, King August Bordeaux (NPC) relinquishes his crown to Moon Queen Zillah Logan (PC).

Echoing the warnings of monarchs before her, Zillah has confirmed that her own sources say the war between the subgroup of Sun Court zealots and vampires in Europe has picked up. While Fate's Harvest may escape direct risk, the local Vampire population are near-allies to the Freehold.

The fact that the Lover still remains in the area is a cause for Queenly displeasure.

In addition, the Moon Queen has requested recruitment drives for the Freehold subgroups. And, it seems, new leadership if those in the roles are not fulfilling their duties to the satisfaction of its members.

We are a Changeling/Mortal+/Mortal game using 'Changeling: the Lost' v1.0 (okay, more like 1.5) and modified GMC rules. A full list of what is/is not GMC-based is located on the GMC page.

You can find a list of books in use under the Rules and Policies link to the left, and some guidelines on what you can expect from our storytelling style right here. Check the House Rules page and individual sphere pages for more on the in-game mechanics, story hooks and other systems.

Fate's Harvest is designed to be a place where players can explore the themes and struggles of Changelings reaching the ends of their journeys, be they those who chase their dreams back to Arcadian arms or those they leave behind. Either road has consequences. Are they worth the price?

Players are given the chance (see XP Tiers or 'news xp tiers' in game) to choose just which end of that spectrum they prefer to play in, and can expect to receive support for their own personal stories; this is a game where high power and the risks it entails will be a major playing point, but it is not the only playing point.

What dangers will this presence bring to the mortals who surround them?

How do you protect your home from a threat long since reduced to nursery rhymes and happy endings?

New Player Guide

New to the game? Check out the page above for quick links to areas of the wiki new players should read. You can also read the FAQ.

Current Plots

This is a list of all ongoing plots that people are able to get involved in. If interested, please contact the ST.

If your plot isn't showing here, please make sure it's tagged as both Active and Plot.

Recent Logs

Need a Wiki?

If you would like a wiki account, please use +req/wiki New Account=<info> in game, providing your desired username and an email address to send the temporary password. It might go to your spam folder.

Please read the information on the and use the form there when creating your character.

If you need help with your wiki page, addcom wiki=Wiki in game to join the Wiki channel and talk to experts.

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